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These are some of my writings on Uttarakhand, some of which were published in the local press (Garhwal Post) and some in Times of India (Doon Plus). They are here for you to read and comment upon.

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1 Smart City or Smart Deception, 13-Dec-15
2 House of Horrors !, 18-Jan-14
3 Why can't we do it?, 09-Nov-13
4 How a young Doon girl has set out to empower women, all by herself!, 07-Sep-13
5 Open letter to Uttarakhand Chief Minister, 08-Jul-13
6 Eco-Sensitive Zone & the Himalayan Tsunami, 22-Jun-13
7 Why does Indian Patriotism start at the Western Border and end on the Nothern?, 27-Apr-13
8 Bhagirathi Eco Sensitive Zone Declaration , 25-Apr-13
9 Why arresting Kashmiri Students in Doon yesterday was a bad idea !, 14-Feb-13
10 Land grab under religion's garb !, 12-Dec-12
11 Special Indian Edition of Baby and childcare released, 09-Dec-12
12 Rediscovering Paltan Bazaar, 25-Nov-12
13 Streamlining Doon's Traffic, 21-Nov-12
14 Traffic troubles in town, 12-Nov-12
15 Fourth Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival held, 07-Nov-12
16 Asha Rodi jungle under threat., 31-Oct-12
17 How not to ban plastic carry bags !, 10-Sep-12
18 Why is my Doon not green?, 30-Jul-12
19 Read the Sign, 25-Jul-12
20 Politicians deface, what Citizens create !, 07-Jul-12
21 Burning Tree, Falling Tree, Dangerous Tree; should we have a Doon without any tree?, 30-Jun-12
22 Tunnel of Trouble, 13-Jun-12
23 Dehra Dun's Mussorie Bus Stand, 30-May-12
24 I'm a citizen first, then a politician !, 25-May-12
25 Time to take a Stand !, 23-May-12
26 They painted the town red, blue, green...., 25-Apr-12
27 Nefarious truth behind "Urjja Pradesh", 16-Apr-12
28 Operatin Clean Up, 15-Apr-12
29 Give us trees, we will give you votes, 22-Jan-12
30 Time to blow the whistle, 28-Dec-11
31 Saving your child's childhood, 27-Dec-11
32 Deserted villages of Uttarakhand, 14-Dec-11
33 Why Gairsain ?, 11-Dec-11
34 Unbridled "Party Making" : Is it good for Indian Democracy ?, 04-Dec-11
35 It has been an eventful journey, 30-Nov-11
36 Why should Kasab NOT be hanged., 27-Nov-11
37 An Open letter to Shri LK Advani on his Rath Yatra , 19-Nov-11
38 My State ! My Dream !!, 13-Nov-11
39 Bonding with the Trees, 31-Oct-11
40 Bindal Bachao, 18-May-11
41 Is this not beautiful enough?, 03-Mar-11
42 Old tree gets a new home, 27-Feb-11
43 Whose Dehra Dun is it, anyway?, 22-Dec-10
44 Beauties show how to keep your city clean, 08-Dec-10
45 The Second Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival, 01-Dec-10
46 Dealing with Disasters in Uttarakhand, 15-Sep-10
47 CFGD raises concern over four laning of Doon - Delhi Highway, 08-Sep-10
48 Quit Uttarakhand Day, 31-Aug-10
49 Environmentalists see RED over Government plan to axe GREEN forest, 31-Aug-10
50 CFGD protests move to transfer forest land in Raipur, 20-Aug-10
51 An Evening Dedicated to Ganga, 14-Jul-10
52 Chief Minister gets a six foot postcard, 23-Jun-10
53 50 Villages against 26 Gori Ganga hydroprojects, 16-Jun-10
54 Give them their due credit, 03-Jun-10
55 Green Shops felicitated in Dehradun, 05-May-10
56 Music is his life, 05-May-10
57 Gone in Four Days., 21-Apr-10
58 Small but Sound, 14-Apr-10
59 Govt contractor makes a third futile attempt to cut a tree, 14-Apr-10
60 CFGD protests axing of 95 trees by ONGC, 01-Apr-10
61 Yes, We Can!, 17-Mar-10
62 Lets Spring into action, 03-Mar-10
63 Operation Successful, 24-Feb-10
64 Green Valentine March, 17-Feb-10
65 Not a Good Marketing Strategy, 03-Feb-10
66 CFGD Delegation meets PCCF, 30-Jan-10
67 Doon Major awarded Shaurya Chakra, 29-Jan-10
68 These Carts need an overhaul, 13-Jan-10
69 CFGD Delegation Alerts Governor on Environmental Issues, 11-Jan-10
70 Misplaced Priorities, 10-Jan-10
71 Where have they gone?, 10-Jan-10
72 Whodunit?, 20-Dec-09
73 Ouch! It hurts....., 25-Nov-09
74 Protestors stop tree felling at Rashtrapati Ashiana at Jakhan, 23-Nov-09
75 Green Monitors, 11-Nov-09
76 Ninth Uttarakhand Statehood Day, 09-Nov-09
77 Time for Introspection, 08-Nov-09
78 The Brahmanwala Khala Demolitions Saga, 01-Nov-09
79 Let's narrow it down to the basics...., 14-Oct-09
80 Popular Protest forces timber contractors to stop tree felling at Parade Ground, 12-Oct-09
81 The Dam Debate, 04-Oct-09
82 Ek thi Prithvi, Ek thi Gaura...., 30-Sep-09
83 The Red Bully on India's Border, 20-Sep-09
84 They got into the Act!, 16-Sep-09
85 Green Revolution -- Anti - tree cutting movement gains momentum., 02-Sep-09
86 Kaladungi Mayhem: Is Uttarakhand heading the Bihar way?, 30-Aug-09
87 The destruction of Doon's Green Cover, 09-Aug-09
88 New Urban Chipko Movement on Anvil?, 09-Aug-09
89 Green Revolution -- Doonites turn up to save Parade Ground trees., 05-Aug-09
90 Let's Get Together, 29-Jul-09
91 The Dixit Commission Report: Is it really relevant?, 26-Jul-09
92 Aab Tak 2, 08-Jul-09
93 Dear Chief Minister, 01-Jul-09
94 The "Behad Jhagralu Party" of Uttarakhand., 28-Jun-09
95 The Police Encounter in Vasant Vihar., 23-Jun-09
96 Elections 2009: Understanding & Looking Beyond the 5-0 Rout, 14-Jun-09
97 Politicians and their Poll Vaults, 25-Feb-09
98 Doon's Dismal City Bus Service, 22-Feb-09
99 Decongesting Doon, 11-Feb-09
100 Lock kiya Jaye!, 04-Feb-09
101 Crime in the City, 01-Feb-09
102 Development Without Compassion, 14-Jan-09
103 For a Clean and Green Doon, 11-Jan-09
104 Blackmailers in Khaki: Several Unanswered Questions., 11-Jan-09
105 Will We? Should We?, 28-Dec-08
106 Why is Dehra Dun turning into an Open Air Urinal, 17-Dec-08
107 Measure for Measure, 10-Dec-08
108 The Mumbai Mayhem -- A different perspective., 07-Dec-08
109 Reeling under Rallies, 07-Dec-08
110 Mumbai Mayhem -- Is there a "buck" these days?, 30-Nov-08
111 Of Rampage and Reunion, 26-Nov-08
112 Can we learn from Malegaon Blast Probe?, 23-Nov-08
113 Warming the Winter Chill in Dehra Dun, 23-Nov-08
114 Who needs a helmet -- Not me!, 19-Nov-08
115 Barak & Us, 16-Nov-08
116 Doon Dairy -- Fete Accomplished, 04-Nov-08
117 Police Encounters & the "Other" Indian, 02-Nov-08
118 Eveteasing in Dehra Dun: Focus: MKP College., 12-Oct-08
119 Political Victimization of Police in Uttarakhand, 05-Oct-08
120 Why?, 28-Sep-08
121 Unsafe in the City., 17-Sep-08
122 Are We a Secular Nation?, 14-Sep-08
123 The Menace of Eve Teasing in Dehra Dun, 07-Sep-08
124 Junction of Death claims another life in Dehra dun, 02-Sep-08
125 Bus, Stop -- Plight of DIT /MIS students in Doon., 27-Aug-08
126 Kashmir -- Time to move on?, 24-Aug-08
127 Happy Independence Day, 16-Aug-08
128 India Corruption Report 2007, 10-Aug-08
129 Do we need freedom from Bandhs?, 04-May-08
130 Why should we even think about Tibet?, 30-Mar-08
131 First Anniversary of BJP, 16-Mar-08
132 What ails tourism in Uttarakhand, 17-Feb-08
133 The Delimitation Disaster, 14-Jan-08
134 McCarthyism in Uttarakhand, 23-Dec-07
135 Transparency International, Uttarakhand Branch, 12-Dec-07
136 International Anti-Corruption Day: 9th Dec 2007, 09-Dec-07
137 India, 18-Nov-07
138 Karva Chauth -- Glorified Gender Discrimination?, 04-Nov-07
139 Direct Democracy... the Next Gen Democracy for India!, 28-Oct-07
140 Reforming the Police in Dehra Dun, 24-Oct-07
141 Towards a better Dehra Dun...., 14-Oct-07
142 Regulating the Real Estate, 09-Oct-07
143 Three reforms India needs to debate now!, 06-Oct-07
144 The Indo- US Nuclear Deal -- things you should know!, 28-Sep-07
145 Missing: 40 Million Indian Women!, 16-Sep-07
146 Power to People, 29-Aug-07
147 Uttarakhand Land Ordinance, 26-Aug-07
148 Murder in God's Own Land, 22-Aug-07
149 The Fight for Land in Uttarakhand, 18-Aug-07
150 Chaos on roads of Doon, 12-Aug-07
151 Towards a better Dehra Dun...10 ways you can help., 06-Aug-07
152 Ways to reduce corruption in Uttarakhand, 05-Aug-07
153 Green Electricity for Uttarakhand, 18-Jul-07
154 Tackling Corruption in Uttarakhand, 15-Jul-07
155 Towards Better Roads, 01-Jul-07
156 Capital Matters, 10-Jun-07
157 Do Regional Parties have a role in Uttarakhand, 10-Jun-07
158 Does Uttarakhand need another Big Dam?, 27-May-07
159 Do we really care for Uttarakhand?, 13-May-07