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International Anti-Corruption Day: 9th December 2007

Fight Corruption – It’s YOUR world!

On December 9, 2004 people around the world celebrated the first ever United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day. This was the day the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) came into force after being adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 31 October 2003.

Consisting of 8 Chapters and 71 Articles, the UNCAC obliges the participating countries to implement a wide and detailed range of anti-corruption measures affecting their laws, institutions and practices. These measures aim to promote the prevention and detection of corruption. India signed the Convention after 3yrs, in 2006.

International Anti-Corruption Day recognizes the devastating impact of corruption on the lives of millions of people around the world and honors the quiet acts of courage of individuals who are building the foundation of change. In countries rich and poor, in all regions and walks of life, diverse organizations and individuals are united in a common cause: forcing the world to action against the scourge of corruption.

The day is celebrated by raising awareness among the people that corruption does not have to exist; it can and should be stamped out. Apathy of people to corruption must cease and with mutual support, it must be fought. About a decade ago, corruption was talked about in hushed tones and protest was non existent; today the public is fed up of corruption and demands honesty and integrity. Public rallies, television clips, meetings and poster campaigns are organized around the world to raise awareness among the masses and to pressurize the political leadership to act.

Fortunately our State is led by a person whose integrity is beyond doubt. Will this integrity percolate down the chain and reduce corruption in Uttarakhand, only time will tell. It is also time this day was marked on the Uttarakhand’s Government calendar. And for ordinary mortals like us, we must again and again raise our voice against corruption, because after all, it is our world.

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