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Land grab under religion’s garb !

Dr Nitin Pandey


land grab under religious garb in Dehra Dun
The "ancient" Shiv Mandir which sprung up in Anarwala Road, Jakhan

land grab under religious garb in Dehra Dun
The shiv ling on footpath in front of NIVH Jakhan

As the two photographs show, inspite of repeated Supreme Court rulings that temples must not be allowed to come up in public land, the trend continues in Dehra Dun. The top photograph is of an “ancient shiva temple” which sprung up in the Anarwala Forest Road a few weeks ago, just a few kilometers away from the Headquarters of the Forest Department of Uttarakhand. Despite appeals to the highest officials of the Forest Department, work on encroaching forest land continues. Locals in the area have been running from pillar to post to save the forest from encroachment but to no avail.

The bottom photograph shows another “shivling” which came up mysteriously on Rajpur Road, opposite NIVH. As mysterious as the appearance of the “shivling” are the mysterious people who and pray at the site. Both the attempts are nothing but blatant attempts at grabbing public land and the administration must move swiftly to remove the encroachments. Encroachers must not be allowed to grab land under the garb of religion.

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From: You're a real deep thkneir. Thanks for sharing.
You're a real deep thkneir. Thanks for sharing.