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Politicians deface, what Citizens create !

Is this the concept of Clean Doon of the ruling Congress Party?

Dr Nitin Pandey


Activists in Doon today were outraged at the sticking of posters belonging to Congress over two wall murals Citizens For Green Doon had painted a month ago in Cannought Place.

Congress poster defacing mural painted by CFGD
The Mural and the poster (inset)

It may be recalled that about a month ago, members of CFGD had cleaned and then painted murals over two extremely dirty walls in Cannought Place, near Tagore villa in order to beautify the city. This action had won them acclaim and requests for painting murals on other dirty walls had poured in.

“We were happy that for the past month, not a single poster was put on the paintings by anyone. Even though posters were put on adjacent walls, no one spoilt the beautiful paintings calling on Doonites to protect the environment” says Anjali Bhatia, a CFGD activist. “It seemed that people of Doon had finally realized that walls should be kept clean and beautiful” she added.

Surprisingly the first posters to be put up on the murals belonged to a reputed National party. “It is unbelievable that a party which professes to be modern and concerned goes out and defaces murals made by ordinary citizens of this city” said Parag Mehta, a business owner. “This city belongs to all of us and everyone has a responsibility to keep it clean. It is very sad to see educated people defacing such beautiful murals” he added. CFGD wall on Facebook was filled with calls to take the Congress to task for defacing the murals.

It may be recalled that Citizens For Green Doon, Mountain Cleaners, Kaash and some other organizations have been preparing to paint murals on dirty unkept walls in Dehra Dun on a massive scale, an action which will beautify the city. But it is for the rest of us to maintain it and keep the city clean. Not sticking posters on beautiful murals is the least, which all of us can do.

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Your answer lifts the inlceligtnee of the debate.

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