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My Dream ! My State !!

Dr Nitin Pandey


It seems like only yesterday when Uttarakhand was born. 50 years of agitation finally culminated in the birth of a new state on 9th November 2000. I remember the tension as Parliament voted on the bill to create new states and the celebrations that broke out when it was passed. Even today I feel a lump in the throat when I remember those days. When the Secretariat was being built on Rajpur Road, I used to feel so proud and say to myself that this is from where we will govern our State. There was a gleam in every eye.

11 years and things have changed. The gleam has turned into glaze. To enter the Secretariat, which I once thought was our own, one has to stand for half an hour in a line and then crouch and peep through a small window to request a Babu sitting there for a pass, which can easily be denied by the “Sahib’s PA”. Is this really a government “for the people”, I think as I get pushed and jostled in the impatient line. Waiting for 10 mins in a traffic jam as the VIP’s cars passes makes me wonder if the Government is really “of the people”. Ill-mannered, uncouth and weight throwing ‘Very Important Politicians’ and their relatives, Red beacon cars coming in the wrong direction and jumping queues and never ending stories of corruption makes one wonder if this is government made “by the people”? If this is how an educated person living in the State’s capital feels about “his” government, how would an uneducated villager living in remote areas feel? And life for such people has hardly changed in these years. More and more villages are becoming uninhabited due to mass migration of people, schools continue to run with absentee teachers and non-existent students, women continue to undernourished, anaemic and over worked, hospitals continue to run without doctors, medicines or equipment and villages continue to survive without a road, electricity or drinking water.

Even though the gleam has turned into glaze, there is hope in every heart. The recent passage of Uttarakhand Lokpal Bill has given rise to hopes of a brighter future. God has bestowed Uttarakhand with numerous qualities. Simple, hardworking and honest people are its biggest asset. This must be used to provide self-sustaining employment at the village level. The majestic Himalayas provide unparalleled opportunities for tourism and cultivation of herbs. Village level tourism and community Herbal Farms can change the face of our state. The Char Dham yatra attracts more and more visitors every year and provides employment opportunities for thousands. It needs to be well regulated and diversified to benefit more people. The pollution free atmosphere provides an ideal environment for high tech non-polluting electronic industries and the bright sun an unlimited source of energy for Solar Power Plants.

We do not lack the manpower nor the resources to make Uttarakhand one of the best states in India. What is needed is the realization among the ruling class that Uttarakhand was not made for their welfare but for the welfare of its deprived citizens. It is time that people who fought for the creation of our State, stop fighting to get State benefits for themselves and start fighting to make it a state of everyone’s dreams. And it is also time that you and I wake up and did something for it.

Jai Uttarakhand! Jai Hind!!

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From: Yo, good loikon out! Gonna make it work now.
Yo, good loikon out! Gonna make it work now.

From: I was seiulrsoy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.
I was seiulrsoy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.