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Bindal Bachaoo !

Citizens gather in the river bed to show their concern

Dr Nitin Pandey


The shack dwellers along the Bindal River in Dehra Dun were in for surprise, this Sunday morining, when dozens of Doonites with green scarves around their neck descended into one of the dirtiest places in Dehra Dun, the Bindal River. Responding to call of Citizens For Green Doon for Doonites to show that they care for Bindal River, over 50 people from different walks of life and around 30 children from the slums around the river itself, gathered in the river bed with the aim of waking the State administration and the public of Doon to the plight of the river.

Bindal Bachao
Bindal Bachao

Said Anjali Bhatia, a CFGD activist “Rivers are the lifeline of any city and we are all appalled at filth which is strewn all over the river bed and the encroachments which are threatening the very existence of this river. If we do not act now, in a few years there will be no river left”

Just about 50 years ago Bindal was a perennial river, with a thriving fish population and people would have a bath in it, even in mid summers. “Gradually encroachments started in the river bed, especially in the hills of Rajpur where the river originates. The rich and the powerful grabbed the river bed, cementing large parts of it and contributing to a fall in water volume” says Dr Nitin Pandey, a CFGD member. “The Supreme Court Monitoring Committee has on numerous occasions written to the State authorities to remove the encroachments but nothing much has happened. While at Bindal Bridge, we see slums of poor people who are there from compulsion, often risking their lives during monsoons, in Rajpur encroachments are out of greed” he adds.

Kaushalya, a 33 yr old resident of the Basti, who came out of curiosity, said that most of the people in the slums around Bindal have paid money to touts and agents of local politicians to get the land they built their shacks on. She said that the government had approached them two years ago and asked them if they would shift to a different location if the government provided them flats, but nothing happened thereafter, even though most people had consented.

Sagar Walia, a student of IMS, who attended the event, said “I remember a few years ago the Mayor led a delegation to Ahmedabad to study how there they revived the Sabarmati River. It does not seem that anything concrete came out of the visit. The State government also had launched a scheme to plant trees on both sides of the river and clean it up, but the dirt littered all around speaks volumes of their efforts. I would like to request the State government to try and save the river, while there is still time”.

A Wall of Expressions put up by Shruti Kaushik and Arunima Taragi showed the river starting among the mountains turning into a drain filled with garbage as it went through Dehra Dun. Numerous visitors were seen flocking the Wall and concurring with its message. Among the participants were Col. (Mrs) Pushpa Bhandari, Dhruv Mehta, Sonia Pandey, Ruchi Singh Rao, Jaya Singh, Priya Maheshwari, Baljinder Singh, Pooja Grover, Himanshu Arora & Anish Lal.

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From: auti i nisteia mas exei sketaapsei fetos...exw dilimma, na katsw dipla sto potami, i na paw k egw stin paralia gia gomenakia pou pisteuoun oti i gria i kodak exei to zoumi??
auti i nisteia mas exei sketaapsei fetos...exw dilimma, na katsw dipla sto potami, i na paw k egw stin paralia gia gomenakia pou pisteuoun oti i gria i kodak exei to zoumi??