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Murder in the abode of Gods.

Dr Nitin Pandey

The advice is simple and straight “Spend Rs 500 today to save Rs 5lakhs tomorrow”; the advisor – a dai, a nurse, a road side vendor, a compounder or sometimes even a Doctor – prompting couples to go in for pre-natal sex diagnosis to save themselves the “tragedy” of the birth of a daughter; the motive – to earn referral fees of Rs 200/- from the doctor who would murder their unborn female child.

This is the message going around in the hills for the last decade. The result is that Uttarakhand today stands 7th in the list of states with declining female population.

The world over for every 1000 men there are 1050 women while in India they are only 927. In Uttarakhand the figure has dropped from 948 in 1991 to 906 in 2001, a shocking drop of 42. While Bihar showed a drop of 15 in the same period, UP registered a drop of 11. Lakshadweep and Sikkim registered a growth of 33 and 21 per thousand.

The richest states of India have shown the maximum decline in female population: Punjab (82), Harayana (59), Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh (54), Gujarat and Delhi (50). This negates theories that illegal sex determination is the result of poverty and financial pressures.

A Delhi survey showed that in most cases, the decision to undertake a sex determination test and female foeticide was taken by the husband and wife. Contrary to the popular stereotype, the mother in law is involved directly in only 1% of the cases. Social expectations, indirect family pressures and threats of husband remarriage appear to condition the woman to want male babies. Not wanting to go through repeated pregnancies till a male child is born accentuates the problem. Abortions against the will of the wife are not common.

According to an AIIMS paper, of the 60 lakhs abortions which take place annually in India, 20 lakhs are spontaneous and 40 lakhs are induced; out of which only 5-6 lakhs are legal.

According to field workers, majority of abortions in Uttarakhand are in the cities, conducted by trained doctors after an ultrasound also by a trained doctor. Nurses, midwives, quacks also carry out abortions of lower middle class families, usually in the first trimester (three months) by “medical” means like giving Allopathic or Ayurvedic tablets, massages or herbs. Very few handle second trimester abortions or indulge in invasive techniques like D&C. Ultrasounds in the first Trimester cannot identify the sex of the fetus with certainty and sometimes erroneously and occasionally purposefully male fetuses are identified as female.

Slogans, putting up posters and giving money at birth of girls cannot make any significant impact because money is rarely the cause of foeticide and most of the people are educated middle class people. PNDT Act had reduced the practice but has a number of loopholes.

Here are a few suggestions which could help:
  1. School and college students should be educated about the dangers of sex determination.
  2. Government employees should be sacked if found to be indulging in sex determination.
  3. People caught should be debarred from joining any Government service or getting Government contract and their Ration Cards cancelled.
  4. Mahila Help Line should also accept reports of prenatal sex diagnosis or abortion. Preferably it should be a single toll free number all over the State.
  5. Quick Reaction Teams of doctors and volunteers should be formed to investigate such reports. It is easy for corrupt doctors to fool police and non-medicos, but can easily be caught by trained personnel.
  6. First timer couples usually go doctor shopping since they cannot openly ask others. The first doctor they come in contact with usually realizes their intention and should inform Mahila Help Line / Quick Reaction teams who can then track the couple and find out how they carried out sex determination.
  7. Only Doctors can catch errant doctors. This practice can only be stopped with their active involvement. A vast majority of doctors do not support female foeticide but then looking the other way when murder is being committed is akin to be a party to it.
Can our State really be “Dev bhoomi” if it murders its own daughters?

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From: almora se someshwar ko jaate samay bich me ek sitaton ranman padta hai uske niche ek gao hai supakoth is gaon ki pagdandiyon se hote hue ek ucchai par ek mandir aata hai jiska naam hai gananath is mandir me bade bad
almora se someshwar ko jaate samay bich me ek sitaton ranman padta hai uske niche ek gao hai supakoth is gaon ki pagdandiyon se hote hue ek ucchai par ek mandir aata hai jiska naam hai gananath is mandir me bade bade vat ke vriksh hai in vatvriksho ki jattaon se shudh jal behta hai yeh jal uppar se dudh ki tarah nazar aata hai niche aakar paani ke roop me dikhai deta hai is dudhiya jal ke vishay me ek pouranik katha prachalit hai kaha jata hai ki yeh dudhiya jal pehle puri tarah dudh ki nadiyo ki tarah behta tha mandir me rehne waale kuch santo ne us dudh ki khir banaake khali tabse yeh uppar se to dudhiya dikhaai deta hai par nicche aake jal me badal jaata hai lekin gananath ka yeh mandir shiv shakti se bharpoor mana jaata hai jo bhi yahan sacche man se bhakti bhav ki bhaawna se aata hai uske manokamnaye jarur puri hoti hai supakoth ke gramvasi kisi bhi shubh karya ke baad iss mandir me avashya jaate hai iss mandir se ek raasta takula ko bhi jaata hai

From: kirti.uchana

From: kamal singh
Mera uttrakhand katana sunder hi mi bhagwan si parathana karta hu ki kabi kasi ki bhuri nazer mera uttrakhand ko na lagai..

From: laxmi Prasad
I also belong to uttrakhand and I like My Uttrakhand .

From: m moeen siddiqui
your article is eyeopener and really very shocking .now the time has come to wakeup ,we ve to work hard to getrid of these evils..afterall we ve to make our india-the superpower of the century.i m not uttrakhandi by birth but i choose this as my karambhumi because i get my inspiration from its honest hills,loving forests and rivers

From: vinod kotiya

From: chanddev singh

i love my uttrakhand q ki mai apne uttrakhand ka he ho

From: Jitendar

From: Sumit Narayan
It makes very sad reading what Indians do! When will we learn?

Congratulations, we are rising-up in Doon Valley, working for own jobs, voluntarily, for our society, in Doon Valley. I again congratulate you. Sincerely, Indrajeet Dhingra, 3-B, NEMI Road, Dehradun.

From: Rajshree
what u have written is really shocking! How can ppl kill their own daughters. When I get married, i will have only daughter!!