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CFGD calls for senstivity to local sentiment in developing Doon

Dr Nitin Pandey


Citizens For Green Doon on Sunday held a demonstration in front of Clock Tower to press upon the administration to take feelings of Doonites into account when planning the ‘development’ of Dehra Dun. Demonstrators displayed posters asking “Whose Dehra Dun is it?” and “Does Dehra Dun belong to its residents or government officials?”

Whose Dehra Dun is it anyway
Whose Dehra Dun is it, anyway?

Said Jaya Singh, a longtime resident of Dehra Dun and an active CFGD member “The pace with which Dehra Dun is witnessing environmental degradation is heart breaking. The Government is imposing its own vision of a capital city, without taking into account the wishes of its residents. Trees are being felled mercilessly; those which are not felled are choked to death by cementing the roads right up to their trunks. Who wants this kind of Dehra Dun, only the government babus, I think.”

A crowd of curious onlookers gathered around and were seen discussing the future of Doon with volunteers of CFGD. Said Abhay Singh, a student of DIT “I was passing by when I heard the beautiful song about Dehra Dun and then I saw these people with green scarves. I feel exactly the same, is this not my town? Do I want my town to be a pile of cement? No way, but is anyone listening?”

“We have been running from pillar to post, trying to convey to the administration to keep our city green. Trees which can be transplanted must not be cut. But who cares?” rues Sonia Pandey, a CFGD member. “Officials are just interested in undertaking construction work, for them it is just a matter of completing projects; that the spirit of our city is mauled by such projects, does not matter to them” she continues.

Even as environmentalists struggle to make their voices heard, the construction spree in Doon, the ‘temporary capital’ of Uttarakhand continues unabated. Trees are being felled, agricultural fields are being converted into residential colonies and huge multistory buildings are replacing the colonial bunglows. Will these voices be heard or will they be drowned in the din of construction, only time will tell.

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From: HA awesome you guys! Part of this is true, in that when Steve and I do play, he's two hours ahead of me so he's the one that has to say when. And I will play til all hours of the monirng and then pay for this the next day, ha ha. Awesome job and I'd lov
HA awesome you guys! Part of this is true, in that when Steve and I do play, he's two hours ahead of me so he's the one that has to say when. And I will play til all hours of the monirng and then pay for this the next day, ha ha. Awesome job and I'd love to return dun dun DUN!! P.S. I'm the Editor-in-Chief

From: Concerned Doonite
Dear DFGD Team /Pandey Ji I feel the whole concept of development today is flawed. Rather than a holistic (& overall sustainable long term development) only the economic development pervades Govt policies/ individuals. You can see the neglect of overall development refecting in growing sign of turmoil in the society : Rising corruption levels -CWG, 2G Scam, Adarsh Society, Lavasa Project, Tinu Joshi IAS Couple from MP, Bihar Civil Servant...),The rising farmer suicides, the separatist movements Maoism, Telangana,Gorkhaland, ULFA ....., the crimes in & around Delhi ( insecure women), Tanishq showroom dacoity in Chandigarh, The Allahabad Jeweller robbery,rising commodity prices....the Dvivedi BSP MLA, The MLA killed by a lady teacher in Bihar .......the list seems to be endless. These kind of situations are a reflection of a rolling stone gathering moss. If unstopped ( which seems to be the case today) they will spread across the country & it wont be possible for highly inefficient & ineffective political system/ administrative setup to control. Farmers are leaving villages in search of greener pastures, agri produce quality not as earlier - changing climatic conditions, unsupportive infra.... Today a person can kill another person for not letting him make a phone call from a booth earlier. When a person moves to a city from remote area, the so called city glamour attrcats him/her. Today's lifestyle also casts a chant in youth to yearn for flashy cars, tech -gadgets, driving bikes speedily , ever increasing rush/traffic in the cities making walking on road sides difficult.... DehraDun is also witnessing just a streak of so called false development.Those having money from other parts/metros support exploiting the environment through investment in property for getting a quick benefit. Earth has enough to satisfy human need but not enough to satisfy human greed ". Why does one need 3-4 vehicles when one is enough? Why do parents provide bikes/quick money to their kids? Why doesnt school curriculum make it mandatory for school-children to involve in green projects? Why are children not encouraged to inculcate habits that support green environment?Why doesnt the system make a villager happy at his village only so that he is not forced to migrate to towns/cities ? Unless a realisation across masses & Govt coupled with an effort to make sustainable development spread to all happens, I doubt the situation would improve?