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25-Dec-10 to 04-Jan-11

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Thailand! The name brings back beautiful memories from a holiday we just finished. A holiday which could not have been better. Sun, sandy beaches and shopping ...in the cold months of winter, back home in Dehra Dun. From 6 degrees in Delhi we landed to a nice 23 in Bangkok. So, if you are thinking of a holiday in winters, go for it.

To be honest, Thailand is a big country and you cannot see it all in even 12 days without being on your feet 24 hrs a day. So we settled for Pattaya (pronounced by locals as Pattya) for the glitter, Pranburi for beaches and Bangkok for shopping. With a heavy heart we left out Phuket and Chang Mai, the former because it was too far and also expensive and the latter because it is the southern tip of the Himalayas and i think we have enough of them in our own country.

Three months ago we booked Air India flight to Bangkok @ Rs 15,000/- return through Make My Trip and patted ourselves. One week before departure I rang up Air India just to re-confirm the flight and was told the flight had been cancelled 2 months ago!! So, much for the National Carrier! No one bothered to inform us. Getting the money back was a harrowing tale. We eneded up buying full fare tickets from Thai Airways, but it was worth it. Never had a more comfortable flight. Their crew is excellent.

The best part of Thailand is that there is Visa on Arrival for Indians if you plan to stay less than 14 days, so it is an added incentive to go there. It takes about an hour to get it, ask for "Visa On Arrival" section before heading for the luggage section on your arrival at Bangkok. Check for any updates from your local travel agent on the policy. And it is free as of now.

Thai currency is Bath, take Dollars with you as they can be converted very easily almost everywhere in Thailand.

We booked ourselves at various hotels. Contact details are in the relevant pages.

From the Airport we went straight to Pattaya, a 2 hr taxi drive. We booked online at Pattaya 4 leisure which is a taxi service with good rates. They pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel. They don't even require you to pay advance for the booking. If you are willing to rough it out, there are a number of comfortable busses from the Airport to almost all parts of Thailand.

Briefly, we went to Pattaya for 3 days, then on to Pranburi, which is a beach resort near Hua Hin, for 5 days and finally to Bangkok for 3 days.

[Thailand] [Pattaya] [Pranburi] [Bangkok]
[ Shopping in Thailand] [ Eating in Thailand]