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Sri Lanka

28-Dec-13 to 02-Jan-14

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Why Sri Lanka?

Well, we went to Sri Lanka because it is a quiet place, nice, cheap and nearby. One should not go if one is looking for a tourist hub kind of place, like Bangkok, but if you want to have a relaxed sunny holiday, during Indian winters, then Sri Lanka is the place.

There are no pubs, malls or discos, but nice friendly beaches, warm people and plenty of sea food, if you are a non-vegetarian. Even for vegetarians, there is food available easily everywhere, though the variety is not much.

Its comparatively cheap, because the Sri Lankan rupee is half the India rupee, so your money doubles :-)

When to go ?

Typically, a winter destination. Even in December, you desperately need an AC in your room and the sun is terrible hot. Remember to carry your umbrella.


Get it online at the official government webiste

Sri Lankan Currency

You can take dollars with you, but if you want to avoid giving bank charges again and again, you can take about 10,000 Sri Lankan rupees at the airport in India and t then go to any money exchange in Colombo to change Indian rupees for Sri Lankan. Money exchanges in Colombo Airport do not take Indian rupees nor do banks in Sri Lanka. The exchange the private exchangers gave us was one is to two, which was fairly decent.

How to go !

We wanted to reach Colombo by noon, so as to save a day, and the only morning flight of Sri Lanka Airlines was from Chennai. So, we flew Delhi-Chennai, stayed overnight, and then took the morning flight to Colombo. Reached there by noon.

In Chennai, we stayed in Hotel Mars, which is 5 minutes driving time from Chennai Airport. You can book by calling the hotel, and there is free airport pick and drop. Room prices range from Rs 1800/- to Rs 4400/-, we took the middle one, around Rs 2200/-.

Their contact number : +91-44-22641286

Where to stay

We stayed in a nice old Colonial building turned hotel, called Royce Hotel, on the outskirts of Colombo, in an area called Mount Lavinia.

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