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23-Dec-08 to 02-Jan-09

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The 340 kms / five hour drive to Bikaner from Jaipur is enjoyable, as the road is absolutely straight and in excellent condition. About 117kms from Jaipur is Sikar (pronounced as Ceekar) after which the scenery becomes more "deserty" with sand dunes all around. Another 80kms from Sikar on your right will be an RTDC Hotel, where you get good clean economical food. We had lunch there. Another 20kms away on your left is an over hyped "Rajaldesera Desert Resort", catering mostly to foreigners.

Map of Bikaner

Map of Bikaner

The star attraction of Bikaner is the "Karni Devi Temple" a temple of rats about 30kms away. Very unique and enjoyable. The star "let down" of Bikaner was the Gajner Palace and Wildlife Resort. Also 30kms away from Bikaner one pays INR 150/- as enterance fees inlieu of which one gets a conducted tour of the palace and a free cold drink / tea. Unfortunately, to enter the sanctury one can only take the hotels car for which you need to shell out Rs 2000/-. Definitely not worth a visit.

Midway RTDC ResortKarni Devi Temple
Jaipur to Bikaner, Midway Resort Karni Devi Temple, Bikaner

Bikaner is also famous for its havelis in the old city. It is very difficult to navigate and find your way around the crowded roads of Bikaner, so it is better to hire an autorikshaw to show you the havelis & the Jain Temple in the old city. This 3 hrs conducted tour cost us Rs 150/-.

Another must visit place especially if you have your own vehicle are the Ladhera Sand Dunes, around 45kms away. Even though they are not exactly like the ones in Sum, Jaisalmer the atmosphere in the area is unique. Try and talk to the villagers there, who are friendly and ready to pose for photographs.

Ladhera Sand DunesVillagers in Ladhera
Ladhera Sand Dunes, Bikaner Villagers in Ladhera, Bikaner

For those hoping to shop in Bikaner, please finish your shopping in Jaipur. There is nothing much to shop in Bikaner. A nice place to visit would be the Abhivyakti Handicraft Shop, run by an NGO called Urumal Trust. Bikaner is also famous for its sweets like Gulab Jamun.

If you want to stay in an economical place, the best bet would be the RTDC hotel called Hotel Dhola Maru. At Rs 800/- per room, it is a steal. If you rather spend a little more and stay in a haveli (as we did) Hotel Bhairon Niwas at Rs 1800/- per day is an excellent option. Eating places are few in Bikaner. Gallops is mentioned in the Rough Guide to Rajasthan as a cheap place, however at prices ranging from Rs 150/- to 350/- per dish, we found it rather expensive. The best place to have good economical and clean food is the RTDC Hotel. We used to have breakfast and dinner at our hotel and lunches at Dhola Maru.

Abhivyakti ShopHotel Dola Maru, RTDC Hotel, Bikaner
Abhivyakti Handicraft Shop, Bikaner Hotel Dhola Maru, RTDC, Bikaner
[Introduction] [When to go] [Jaipur] [Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur] [Bikaner] [Hotel Bhairon Niwas, Bikaner]
[Nawalgarh] [Shekhawati Guest House, Nawalgarh]