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23-Dec-08 to 02-Jan-09

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Hotel Bhairon Niwas is a heritage hotel in Bikaner, a 180 yr old Haveli has been converted into an artistic modern day hotel. It is a family run affair, with the family very much visible and accessible. Rooms are all different so choose the one you like. The Rough Guide to Rajasthan wrongly mentions that Room No 101 has the best view of the Junagarh fort from its window. The fact is that that particular room has no window at all!!! The good part of the room is that it is on the ground floor.

We stayed in Room Number 120 on the third floor. It has 6 windows and a lot of warm winter sunshine. The bathroom though down a few steps from the room, is new and clean with 2 windows! The only effort involved was climbing the three fleet of stairs, which, because of the absence of an intercom, had to be undertaken quite frequently.

The room was otherwise large, pleasantly decorated and warm. Mosquitoes are in plenty all over Rajasthan, so we were prepared with our own Good Night Mosquito repellant!

Breakfast is free but basic, consisting of egg and bread with jam. Quite boring if you have to eat it for more than two days. Lunches we always had outside while dinner time was pleasant with fresh food, resonably priced served in an open air "dinning area" with bornfires and a pleasantly singing Rajasthani folk singer.

Enterance of Hotel Bhairon NiwasThe Main Building
Enterance of Hotel Bhairon Niwas, Bikaner Hotel Bhairon Niwas,Jaipur
Room of Hotel Bhairon NiwasBathroom
Room of Hotel Bhairon Niwas,Jaipur Bathroom, Hotel Bhairon Niwas,Jaipur

The only downside to the hotel is a bit of slack service, with occassionally a need for repeat requests. But considering that it is a family run affair, it should be taken in ones stride.
Mr. Anand, Manager of Hotel Bhairon NiwasReception
Hotel Bhairon Niwas,Jaipur Reception, Hotel Bhairon Niwas,Jaipur
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