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Philips DVD Player: DVP 4050 showing Wrong Region Code

For some strange reasons Philips devides the world into a number of regions and wants to prevent people of a particular region from one region viewing DVD's from another region! So you land up, as I did, with a brand new DVD player and a DVD which refuses to budge : -(
Finding help was very difficult and so with help of Internet I did manage to crack it.

This is how you change it yourself for Philips DVP 4050 Player only! Setting the Region Code to 0, makes it region free.

  • Put the power on.
  • Open lid and keep it open.
  • Press "Setup" in your remote.
  • Scroll to "Preference" using the LEFT/RIGHT arrow key
  • Press "138931" and a pop-up screen will appear.
  • Use the UP/DOWN arrow key to choose the desired number ("0" for region free).

    Done! Now you can watch any DVD from around the world!!