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23-Dec-07 to 04-Jan-08

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Another art you need to pick up before going to Egypt is how to hail taxi's. It is almost like the system in Mumbai.

Throw your left arm up at the sight of a taxi, the driver will slow down, yell your destination, if he nods his head in approval, get in. DO NOT TALK ABOUT FARE. If he want to fleece you, he will ask "how much?", and if he does , just get out of the taxi because he will want to fleece you. No matter what price you fix, he will want a tip or a road congestion charge at the end of it, so just get out and hail the next one. No one in Egypt talks about fare, you are supposed to know it.

When you reach your destination, get out, take out the exact change which you should have found out from someone before getting into a taxi, hand it over, say "Shukran" and simply walk away. No arguments, no hassels.

Asking for fare, labels you as someone who does not know the system and therefore you are likely to be fleeced. Avoid taking taxis right in front of touristy places, walk a few meters away and then hail one. Never accept a taxi offer from a tout hanging around such places.

A 10 minute ride should cost you 5LE, upto 20 minutes 10LE an upto half an hour 25LE.
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