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23-Dec-07 to 04-Jan-08

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The best place to buy anything in Egypt is Khan-el-khallali market in Cairo. We did a trip to the market when we reached Cairo but bought all we had to buy on our way back so as to avoid lugging all the things around. Haggling is an art most of Indians are familiar with, but the extent of haggling will surprise everyone. Start with one tenth the price quoted. Nothing in the usual shops is price tagged and if you ask the cost, the shop keeper may even ask you "how much you want to pay for it?". So haggle from the lowest. Dont look to happy or excited about something, even if you love it, as the shop keepers are clever and will not come down much after realizing your love for it.

Best thing to buy in Cairo is leather. Go to the market in downtown for it. Shoes and leather jackets are cheap from Indian standards. Shoes costing around 2500 INR in India would be available for as little as 700 INR.

For the ladies, jewellery is plentiful and exquisite all over as it "itr" or perfume. The price starts around 1LE per pound and they pack it in bottles of 10 -20 pounds or more. To distribute it to your relatives and friends back home, buy small empty bottles which are very colorful and good looking and have a capacity of 2 -3 pounds of itr. They are sold seperately in packs varying from 5LE for 5 to 30LE for 5.

Another thing which looks soo common in Egypt are the Papayrus paintings. They are very cheap and don't look really great in Egypt, but once you are back home, they look stupendous. Plus they don't contribute to the weight of your luggage and can be easily folded and stuffed somewhere. So, get double of the number you think you need for gifts, mark my word, you won't regret it.
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