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23-Dec-07 to 04-Jan-08

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There are numerous airlines going from Delhi to Cairo, most of them indirect. The only direct flight to Cairo at present is from Mumbai in Egypt Air. Check out their websites for current status. We took Kuwait Airlines, which was the cheapest @ Rs 25,000/- for a return ticket. You need to change your aircraft at Kuwait. The airlines cancelled our flight two days before the flight date without bothering to inform anyone. Luckily we found out ourselves and fought with them to give us a seat one day before. Created quite a last minute scare!

Kuwait Airlines is average, with fairly comfortable seats. TV Consoles in most of the seats dont usually work though, which is their trademark. The airhostesses were mostly from Far Eastern Countries and seemed new and poorly trained, occassionally arguing among themselves. Most of the passengers in the flight to Kuwait were Indian labourers and workers, working in Gulf, with few tourists. There were two other families going to Cairo, one a honeymoon couple. The flight from Kuwait to Cairo had a mixed bag of Arabs and Western tourists.

What we found out later was a routine, one of our baggages did'nt show up on our return flight to Delhi and was missing. The Kuwait Airlines offical at the airport said that it was a routine everyday to have one missing baggage and not to worry, as it will come in a few days time, and thankfully, it did arrive in 3 days! Cheers for Kuwait Airlines!! But, I would not probably travel in it again.
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