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23-Dec-07 to 04-Jan-08

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Food in Egypt is basically non-vegetarian. They eat mainly beef and goat meat is difficult to find in small places. Most of their dishes are without any trace of salt or spices. Basically roasted or fried meat with rice. No curry!! Fish and chicken dishes are freely available, but are as saltless.

For vegetarians, there are a number of equally tasteless dishes. So whenever you go to Egypt, carry Achar! The pet dish of Egyptians is Falefal, a kind of a roti with beans stuffed in it. But food should not be of any importance when travelling in Egypt, if you need good food only, stay in India!!

There are numerous KFC, McDonald and other burger joints all over Egypt.

Another good thing is if you walk away from the touristy roads, you will find excellent and cheap fruits. There are numerous fruit bars all over Egypt, though it may be cheaper to buy your own fruit. Remember to bargain for everything.
[Egypt] [Cairo] [Luxor] [Aswan]