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Cairo, Egypt

23-Dec-07 to 25-Dec-07 & 02-Jan-08 to 03-Jan-08

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Hotel Longchamps
 Hotel Longchamps, Cairo
Khan el Khallili Market
khan el khallili
Nile Maxim Belly Dance
Nile Maxim
Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria
Step Pyramid
Step Pyramid
Cairo is a beautiful, huge city with bustling markets and luxurious markets. Much bigger than Delhi. You would have booked your hotel before coming to Cairo, so ask for an airport pickup. At 65LE, it is worth the price. The driver will meet you at the airport with your name on a placard. Remember to tell them if you have anything more than 2 bags to send you a car with a carrier. Most hotel cars dont have a carrier!

We stayed at Hotel Longchamps. It is a nice hotel run by a German Lady named Hebba. Take the Standard Room. It is not worth booking an Executive Room. It is located in one of the most posh districts of Cairo, called Zamaleek. Most of the Embassies are located here and it is also a shoppers paradise! We stayed here for 3 days plus one day on our way out.

An ancient market, about 5000yrs old, is the highlight of Cairo, called Khan-el-Khallili. It is a shoppers delight and even if you dont want to buy anything, haggling there is fun.

We also went for a day trip to Alexandria. Its best to take the Turbo train at 8.00am from Cairo's Ramses Railway Station, it reaches Alexandria at 10am. If you take a taxi it will take 5hrs and cost ten times as much. For excellent info on trains in Egypt, see this site. In Alexandria we took a taxi to Pompey's Pillar for 5LE, then walked down to the Catacombs, another taxi for 5 LE to Fort Quaitby and then to Maidan Tahir and finally to the Station to catch the 3pm Spanish back to Cairo.

Another day we called a guide called Emad and went in a car to Saqqara, Dahshur and Giza pyramids @$25/- per head. Worth it.

Another highlight of our Cairo stay was the Belly Dance in Nile Maxim. Nile Maxim is a ship anchored near Hotel Marriot, within walking distance of Longchamps. It cruises around the Nile as they serve dinner and there is entertainment. It is supposed to be the best belly dance short of the very expensive 5star hotels.

Finally, we took an Egypt Air flight to Luxor. It is an hour and fifteen minutes flight. The same distance takes 8hrs by train and the costs are comparative.

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