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28th March 2013 - 2nd April 2013

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What to do in Dubai

Well, what to do is there is any travel guide. Here are a few things they won't tell you.

From Savoy Hotel, go to Al Fahidi Metro station, the entire Meena Bazaar is right behind. It is a clean form of Lajpat Nagar. Roam around.
In the market, there is a shop called "Giftland" where small gifts are available upto 10 dirhams, much cheaper than market. It is near HDFC Bank, as is Karachi Darbar, a nice place to eat Pakistani food.

Karachi DarbarGift Land
Karachi Darbar, Dubai Giftland, Dubai

Head towards the creek, there are two boat stations. Take a one dirham ride across the creek. From the one near Bank of Baroda building, the boats go to Spice Souq and Gold Souq. From the first one, which is called the Dubai Old Souq Marine Station, they take you across to Al Sabka area, where just next to the jetty is a good eating place and place to sit and watch the creek and passing boats. These boats are called Abra, locally.

Don't take the one or half hour boat ride for 120 /60 dirhams, not worth it.

Don't go on a dinner cruise, again not worth it.

Roam around the gold souq and spice souq. Haggle as best as you can.

Al Bastakiya is something like Delhi Haat, with few shops and done up ancient houses. Worth a visit and is just behind Meena Bazaar. Takes about half hour maximum.

Desert Safari is good if you don't get road sick, which i do. The one hour SUV ride over dunes really turns your stomach inside out. Except for the person sitting in front, the other 5 people don't see much. Wouldn't recommend it.

Palm Dubai, where SRK lives, is NOT a tourist spot. Non residents are not even allowed into the beach area, so no point going there.

Jumeriah Beach is nice, worth a swim. Take your swimming suits. Taxi costs around 14 dirhams from the hotel.

List of Malls is endless. Iban Batuta Mall is exotic looking, take the metro going towards Jebel Ali. On the way back if you like beaches Jumeriah Lake Towers beach is good, involves a 15 min walk or taxi. Go only if you plan to swim.

Dubai Mall is the enterance to Burj Khalifa, so do both together. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, book tickets for the lift ( $40 ) online before hand as on the spot they cost $100. Be prepared for multiple long lines. Best time to go is around 5.30 pm when the lights are coming on in the city. After the Burj Khalifa, see the Mucial fountains, at the base.

Info about dolphins, desert safari and other malls are found everywhere.

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