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28th March 2013 - 2nd April 2013

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Why Dubai?

Well, unless you go during the Shopping Festival, nothing in Dubai is really cheap. Bangkok is much cheaper for shopping than Dubai.
Bangkok Malls beat Dubai Malls hands down in terms of "enormity" and pricing.
TV sets are the only cheap thing in Dubai, about half the Indian price, rest all are at par with Indian prices. No point buying mobiles or laptops there.
Gold? Well, people do go to Dubai for gold, but we found prices comparative to India, so after browsing through the gold souq a number of times, we bought a few things from the Dubai Airport duty free shops, where the prices seemed less than the Market prices.
There is nothing special in Dubai, and i really think visiting Dubai in transit is much better than visiting Dubai as a tourist destination.

When to go to Dubai?

It is a winter destination, shopping is best during the Shopping Festival. March end is the outer limit, after that it would become unbearably hot.

About Dubai?

It is a part of United Arab Emirates (UAE), currency is Dirham.
As a rough guide, add a zero in front of the dirham figure and add half the amount to the original sum and you get a rough approximation in ruppees.
For example, 10 Dirham, add a zero becomes 100, add half which is fifty, so 100 + 50 is 150 Rs approx.
On the reverse of each note, the figure is written in English, so it is not difficult.

Visa for Dubai?

Unlike other countries, Visa is arranged by the hotel you are staying in (so you have to stick to it for your entire stay) or the Emirates Airlines, in which case you can choose any hotel.
It is an e-visa, so you get it in your email and print it out IN COLOR on an A4 sheet.
Other than visa, you also need to get an "OK to board" confirmation, which is given by the hotel to the airlines once you tell them your airlines ticket PNR. You need to pay for this also. This requirement is there for Indians only ! Remind your hotel to send it, around 2 days before your arrival date.
Visas are issued in two days time flat.

How many days in Dubai?

Three days are more than enough. Four, if you really want to take it easy. Five is a torture.

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