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Dehra dun is the place I was born in and is the place I still live in! It used to be a small sleepy town in the "good old days", but after becoming the capital of the new state of Uttarakhand in 2000, Dehra dun has transformed into an active growing city; growing unfortunately at the expense of its green cover.

Dehra Dun is located in the Doon Valley, a valley running between the foot hills of Himalayas and Shivalik Hills. Dehra Dun is a typical Indian city, chaotic, unregulated and a bit dirty. It is however surrounded by thick jungles and is beautiful beyond the city limits.

Dehra Dun is not a tourist destination per se, there is nothing much to see or do here. Most people come here on work or in transit to Mussorie or other areas of Uttarakhand.

Summers are hot, with temperatures touching 45 degrees Centigrade in May / June. End of May or in early July the Monsoon sets in with a lot of rain. In between the rains it becomes hot and humid, but is very pleasant on rainy days. Temperatures start dropping in November and becomes cold in December. The winter rain, which brings snow in Mussorie, starts in the last week of December, is active in Jan, thereafter decreasing gradually. Temperatures in winters however around 10 - 25 degrees Centigrade max. Luckily the fog which envelopes most of North India, is not there in Dehra Dun.After March the temperatures start picking up.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Dehra Dun, though some establishments add an extra 2.5%, to compensate the amount they have to pay to the Card company. There are dozens of ATM's all over the City, where you should be able to withdraw Indian Rupees cash. Outside Dehra Dun, if you are touring Uttarakhand it is difficult to use Credit Cards to pay hotels or in shops. In Rishikesh most of the shops would give you cash after swiping your card on their machine, adding a percentage as fees. I would not advice anyone going in for such things, though. GMVNL hotels do not have a card swiping machine anywhere. There are ATM's at most toursit places, though you should not base your finances on being able to withdraw money, as they are not always in working order.

Some Useful Telephone Numbers.....
Add +91-135-
1 Airport Enquiry 2712053 2 Bus Stand 2653797
3 Bus Stand Mussorie 26234435 4 Meedo Travels & Tour 2652770
5 Railway Enquiry 2622131 6 Taxi Stand 2656577
7 Taxi Stand Mussorie 2627877 8 Telephone Directory Enquiry 2650197
9 Tourist Office, GMVN 2747898 10 Tourist Office, GMVN 2746817

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Click for Dehradun, India Forecast

Click for Dehradun, India Forecast

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Join the Citizens for Green Doon Group if you care about Doon